Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Look what Emily made for her niece, Davian, who will be arriving sometime in April!  What a knitter!

published 1/24/10


Lovely!  Nice job Emily!  Nancy

you go girl!

that is adorable!  miss seeing you two (ewe 2) in my hallway..  it's so dull back there now. I have a crocheted bedspread that needs some repair. I f you know anyone who might be interested, please send them my way.  Hey you have a bonnie who showed up at my door one day bright eyed and bushy tailed. .  i hope she will  come try a class some day.  I'm having a nutritionist come in on saturday to talk about maximising your metabolism.  10:30-12:30.  $25.  She's really good at explaining things.  Do you have anyone you think might be interested?  I can bring over some flyers.  Also, i'm going to be launching a weightloss program after i lose 20 pounds myself. Marc's brother lost 12 pounds in one week.  so, heads up!  hiyala, the "yoga lady".

Em's knitting

Pretty neat. Emily!  I'm so proud of you.