New Shop, New Website!

We're completely moved into our new shop.  Yay!

We officially have our new sign installed - we're no longer called "For Rent".  Double yay!

And finally, the new website has been launched.  Triple yay! 

Thanks to Ben, my son, for putting together such an awesome website, and then pushing me to get my act together and put some "content" on it. It looks great!

And thanks to all of you, my customers & friends, who have made this possible.  Without you, I'd just be a lady with a lot of yarn crammed into a tiny shop.  Now I'm a lady with a lot of yarn with room to breath. 

Boy, it's been a busy I just need to get ready for fall...knitting season! 

Posted: August 16, 2009

Yeah for Kelly!

I am so excited for you!  Your new space, both brick and mortar and web, is fabulous and I'm looking forward to many, many visits! Amber F.


Love your new website Kelly, not to mention your new shop location!  Can't decide whether I want to live 'on your website' or 'in your shop'.  Either way, congratulations and thanks for continuing to feed my #1 addiction!  Leslie S.

New, New, New!!

Wow, Kelly, the new website is great!!!!!!!!  I also love your new sign.  Everyone will see it while driving down Lexington.  It will bring in many new customers because it's right there on the corner and one can't miss it.  Before you know it you'll need even more space.  I'll see you soon.  Congratulations again!!!!!!     Dana

New, New, New!!

Wow, Kelly, the new website is VERY impressive!!  Love it!!!  I also noticed your new sign while driving down Lexington.  It will so get new people in, because it's very noticeable.  One can't miss it.  If I didn't know there was a yarn shop there before I would now.  It looks great.  At this rate you'll need even more space soon.  I'll see you soon!!  Congratulations again!!!          Dana