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She's Here! She's Here! She's Here!

Davian Rose Koren was born on Thursday, April 29th at around 11:45 pm, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz.  She's just beautiful!  Since she's my first grandchild, I hope you'll indulge me in sharing a few photos.  Click here to see all the photos.

Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Look what Emily made for her niece, Davian, who will be arriving sometime in April!  What a knitter!

published 1/24/10

Attention Sock Knitters

New Yarn Alert

I have a heap of handdyed yarn that arrived this morning from JWRAYCO. Dyed in Nevada, Missouri by independent dyers Janet & Leslie, it's just lovely. 

Published 8/26/09

Baby Stuff

Two baby things to share today:

My mom, Mary, just finished this cute little baby sweater...and maybe someday a baby will wear it!  For now, it's home is the shop.  It's the Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater, a clever little sweater written by Hyphen Boy Designs.  She used Mini Mochi in one of their new colorways, "Babyface", perfect for a tiny little sweater.

Sassy Stuff

New Yarn Alert

Key West Karibbean Kotton Kollection from The Sassy Skein

100% Mercerized Cotton in bright, crayon colors.  Knits up at 4 1/2 stitches per inch.  Really cute kid's patterns, too.  Look:

Published 8/21/09

Wooly Goodness

Just wanted to share some wooly goodness with you.  This is Lanaloft Bulky from Brown Sheep.  I don't have any FO's to show you, but it's so pretty, I couldn't keep it to myself. 

The stats are:

  • 100% wool
  • 200 gram skeins
  • 160 yards
  • 3 stitches per inch on US 10 1/2 needle
  • Purty

The 4th photo is my favorite.  Yum.

Some New Stuff

Since we've moved into the new space, one of the things people are really amazed at is that I fit all this yarn in the old shop.  I did, but the shelves were packed really tight.  Really. Tight.  (If you've never been here, my old shop was about 800 square feet, and my new shop is 1,200.  To outsiders, my new shop might still seem small, but to me, it's huge.)

So, now I have some extra space to get some new yarns.  Yay!  So today, I just thought I'd share with you a few of the yarns I've added since the move:


Through all the recent activity around here, I've managed to knit a little bit.  While these weren't the most practical project, they sure were fun to make.  And pretty quick too:  I made all four of them within about 10 days.  The added bonus is I can now knit an eyeball in about 5 minutes.  ;-)

Take Me To Your Leader

Pattern:  Take Me To Your Leader by Knitting at Knoon
Yarn:  Lamb's Pride Worsted

New Shop, New Website!

We're completely moved into our new shop.  Yay!

We officially have our new sign installed - we're no longer called "For Rent".  Double yay!

And finally, the new website has been launched.  Triple yay! 

Thanks to Ben, my son, for putting together such an awesome website, and then pushing me to get my act together and put some "content" on it. It looks great!

Helen's Project

Look what Helen finished! Yay!


Posted: June 2, 2009