These are the needles I have available.  I've split the listings into several documents. 

If you're in the Circle Pines area, I'd be happy to meet you with your needles to save on shipping costs.   If you prefer, I can mail them to you using First Class mail or Priority Mail.  Shipping charges are below.   Prices are 25% off of original retail.  Please email me at, and I can send you a  paypal invoice, or if you prefer, we can take care of payment over the phone. 

Needles listed by size (All Brands) Use this list if you know what size/length you need and you want to see your options.

If you have a brand preference, these lists will be helpful:
Addi Turbo & Lace
Crystal Palace
Knitter's Pride Dreamz
Knit Picks Harmony & Nickel Plated


Addi Turbo
:  Addi Turbo needles are made of nickel plated brass are known for their super smooth join and super slick finish.  Considered by many to be the top of the line.

Lace:  Addi Lace needles are uncoated brass, making them less slick than the Turbos for  more control.  They also have a sharper point.  Same high quality cables and joins as the Turbos.

CPY:  Crystal Palace bamboo needles in the black packages.  Smoother and slicker than most bamboo needles, and on the circulars, the cables swivel at the join.

CPY Star:  Also by Crystal Palace, the Star needles are a lower-cost alternative to their classic needles. The finish is smooth, but not quite as slick.

DRZ:  The very popular Knitter's Pride Dreamz needles are a very smooth wood with a sharp point.  Very similar to Knit Picks Harmony needles, except they come in solid colors.

HH:  HiyaHiya stainless needles were the most popular line I carried.  Smooth and lightweight, with very smooth joins and flexible cables, they're a  nice, lower-cost alternative to Addi's.

Sharp:  Identical to HiyaHiya's original stainless line, these just have a sharper point.

Har:  Knit Picks Harmony needles, are well known and extremly popular. Beautiful multi colored wood with a very smooth finish, and sharp points. 

NCKL:  Knit Picks Nickel plated needles are super smooth and slippery, and have a sharp point.


First class mail: 
1-3 Sets:  $1.95
4-6 Sets:  $2.50
7-10 Sets: $3.00
10+ Sets:  Free