News from Double Ewe - Issue 23

February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day! There’s bad news, though. It’s sunny today, and you know what that means: six more weeks of winter. But who are we kidding; this is Minnesota. Of COURSE there’s going to be six more weeks of winter. I like to think of it as six more weeks of prime knitting and crocheting weather. Woot!

This month’s newsletter is a quickie. I’m still finalizing some things for our March class schedule, and it will be out by this coming weekend. But I wanted to remind you about our February classes – we still have some openings in all of them. So if the winter doldrums are getting to you and you want to join us for some knitterly fun and laughter, give me a call. Or stop in.

In this issue:

  • New Stuff
  • Guest Columnist
  • Upcoming Events in the Twin Cities
  • February Classes & Activities

New Stuff

Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace Yarns
It’s here! It’s so pretty, I’ve already had to reorder! Gorgeous self-striping fine, single ply yarn. Perfect for socks, scarves, and any fine knit projects. The colors are just striking. 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon.

Maybe you’ve noticed that there’s a serious lack of new yarns on this list, but don’t worry. The yarn reps have started calling for appointments, and I’ve started looking at some new yarns for spring. Yay! This is the one of the best parts of my job!

Guest Columnist

Each month, whenever possible, I feature a guest columnist. But alas, this month we don’t have one, so I’m putting out a request to all of you. I'd love to see personal essays, technique articles, and book reviews. Tell us about your visit to a woolen mill or to an alpaca farm. Share your personal knitting trials and successes. I’ve gotten great feedback about this feature, so write on! If you're interested in contributing, just email me at Don't be shy!

Upcoming Events in the Twin Cities

Knit Out & Crochet at Mall of America
February 14th – 15th
This is a huge and very popular event put on by the Craft Yarn Council of America, and oh my gosh, they’ve got a ton of stuff planned. Check here for the details.

The Bohus Knitting Exhibit at The American Swedish Institute
January 23rd – March 29th
Several of you have seen the exhibit, and I’ve heard it’s not one to miss!

Yarnover by Minnesota Knitter’s Guild
April 18th, 2009
It might sound like it’s a long ways off, but you’ll want to sign up for classes early – they do fill up. Watch their website for details:

February Classes (March classes coming soon)

*To register for classes: stop in, send an email to, or call 763-780-2465. If you need to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible.
Private group classes: If you and a few friends are interested on one of our classes, we can set up a private class for you that fits your schedules. Also fun for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, 4H-ers, Homeschool groups, etc!
Private individual lessons: If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one lesson, just ask!

Knitter’s Choice (Instructor: Kelly)
Ongoing: Tuesday mornings 10:30 – 12:30 -or- Thursday evenings 6:30 – 8:30
Price: Pay as you go for $10.00 per class session, or $48/6 session punchcard
Instructor: Kelly
Description: This is an ongoing class; jump in whenever you want! Knitter’s Choice is just that - YOUR choice: you pick the project, we provide the support. Even if you’ve never knit before, we can teach you! Mittens? Socks? Lace? A sweater? Knit what YOU want, but if you get stuck, don't worry, we can guide you along the way. This is a great option if you want to take a class with a friend, but you knit at different levels. Come to just one or all of the classes – knitter’s choice.

Knit Along with Ann: The Rambling Rows AfghanNote: This is an ongoing group – you can jump in any time. From the laughing I hear going on in the back room, it sounds like they’re having fun. Ann has a long list of projects she wants to do, and she’s invited you to join her for a knit along! First on her list is the Rambling Rows Afghan from Cottage Creations. It’s a very popular mitered pattern, and from what I’ve heard, lots of knitters start planning their next one as soon as they finished their first. A great stash-buster project, or it can be knit with five planned colors on circular or straight needles. If you’re on Ravelry, you can see a lot of examples here. (If you’re not on Ravelry, why not? It’s free to join at
Dates: Wednesday afternoons, starting January 7th
Time: 2:00 – 4:00
Cost: $5 per session; because this is a knit along, you’ll only pay for the sessions you attend.
Instructor: Ann

Baby Surprise JacketKnit the classic! Designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman in 1968, this cleverly constructed sweater is still very popular today. Knit in a single piece, just two seams turn it into a cute sweater: that's the surprise part! Cute in a solid or self striping yarn, or try good, old-fashioned "manual" stripes. Ingenious. This is a great introduction to Elizabeth’s “patterns”.
Dates: Monday evenings, February 9th – 23rd (3 weeks)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30
Cost: $34
Instructor: Kerri
Materials: Light worsted or sport weight yarn, approx. 3 oz; Needles size 4 - 7, depending on yarn choice

Radar Cap
Remember Radar from M*A*S*H? And do you remember the hat he wore? The Radar Hat was designed by local designer CiD Hanscom and is super-cute and a popular style. The hat and brim are knitted in one piece and the clever design uses short-row-shaping to make the brim. Knit it in one color, or you can choose to add a little bit of colorwork.
Dates: Wednesday evenings Feb 11th – 18th (2 weeks)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30
Cost: $24
Instructor: Ann
Materials: Worsted weight yarn…you caught me! Materials list is available at the shop.

Don’t Ask What This Class Is About, Just Sign Up! (Design 101)
Do patterns seem like mysterious, intimidating things, handed down from the Knitting Goddesses? Well, they’re not -- they’re made by knitters just like you. Anybody who’s ever designed a pattern started with something simple, and this class will walk you through the basics of creating an easy, unique scarf. Why bother learning to design when there are so many patterns to choose from? Because it helps you see your knitting from the inside out -- and that means that mistakes are suddenly far less scary. Plus, it’s fun. Try it and see. You’ll surprise yourself and feel like a Knitting Goddess in no time!
Dates: Saturday afternoons, Feb 21st – March 7th (3 weeks)
Time: 2:00 – 4:00
Cost: $30
Instructor: Terri
Materials: needles in at least 3 sizes; 2 or 3 different yarns, any weight, at least one should be enough yardage for a scarf; notebook & pencil; stitch dictionary if you have one; a few pictures of designs or images you particularly like (not necessarily knitting!)

Continental KnittingContinental knitting ("picking") uses less movement than English ("throwing") knitting, so for many people it's a lot faster. If you'd like to pick up the pace a bit, give it a try! It does take some practice, but soon you'll feel like you're flying through your projects. It seems to be easier on the hands and arms, too.
Date: February 25th (1 week)
Time: 6:00 – 8:00
Cost: $10
Instructor: Kelly
Materials: A small amount of worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles

Other Things Going On

Knitting with Ewe – free, no-strings-attached open knitting
Join us for a fun social time while working on whatever you want. No registration required – just show up. We now have three times each week you can join us:
Tuesday evenings: 6:30 – 9:30
Friday afternoons: 1:30 – 4:30
Saturday mornings: 9:00 – 12:00

Mother Bear Project – Please note schedule change starting in March
The Mother Bear Project is dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children, primarily those affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations, by giving them a gift of love in the form of hand-knit bears. Join us as we knit bears for Mother Bear Project – we get together twice a month. We have yarn available, so you’ll just need to bring your size 7 needles. No registration required – just show up.
When: In February, we’ll meet on the first and third Thursday each month, from 2:30 - 5:00. Starting in March, we will be moving our meetings to the first and third Tuesdays each month, from 2:00 – 4:00.
Cost: Coming to our group is free. However, we need to contribute $3.00 to The Mother Bear Project for each donated bear. The $3.00 goes directly to Mother Bear Project, where it goes directly into shipping the bears air-mail through the US Postal Service and taxes and duty on the receiving end in Africa. For more information plus some cute pictures of kids with their bears, visit:


Tuesday 10 am - 9 pm
Wednesday Noon – 8pm
Thursday 10 am - 8 pm
Friday 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday 9 am - 5 pm
Sun-Monday Closed

Once again, I want to thank y'all for your support!

Kelly Judson
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