News from Double Ewe - March 2010

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  • A Few Random Notes
  • March & April Classes
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  • Instructor Profile: Michelle

A Few Random Notes

Beginning KnittingIn the last few weeks, I’ve had several people ask about a Beginning Knitting class. Until I sat down with my calendar, I was planning on doing an evening class in April. However, I’m having trouble fitting it in, mostly because sometime during April we’re expecting my first grandchild to arrive, (YAY!), and I’m trying to keep my class load on the light side so I’m not TOO tied down. So, if you’re interested in Beginning Knitting, I’d like to suggest coming to one of our Knitter’s Choice classes. We meet on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 or Thursday evenings at 6:30. To really get started, you’ll want to plan on coming to at least three sessions. I LOVE teaching people to knit, so please come! And this brings me to my next Random Note:

Knitter’s Choice
If you’ve come to our Knitter’s Choice class on Tuesday mornings, you may have noticed that it’s gotten to be quite a “busy” group. Lots of fun, but sometimes you may have waited a bit for some help. Starting this Tuesday, I’m going to have some help teaching the class, (another YAY!). Ann and I are going to co-teach the class, so hopefully you’ll get the help you need quicker, and if you need a quieter place to concentrate, we can spread out into the second classroom.

New: Instructor Profiles
Our own Miss T came up with a great idea – let’s get to know our instructors better! We’ll feature an instructor each month (there are four of them), and this month, it’s Michelle’s turn. Don’t miss it! Just keep reading…

March & April 2010 Classes

We’ve got some fun new classes to offer as well as some old favorites. Please visit our website for the details, photos, and how to sign up.

  • Continental Knitting
  • Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman
  • Tunisian Crochet
  • This ‘n That Wristers
  • Pullovers
  • Lacey Round Spa Cloth
  • Crochet Workshop
  • Knitting Outside the Lines
  • Knit Along with Ann
  • Knitter’s Choice


New Stuff – Yarn & Goodies

With spring just around the corner, the new spring yarns have started arriving. I’ve added a few new lines to the shop; some are brand new and some are new to Double Ewe.

100% Cashmere from Cashmere HavenLast month I told you that I now have Cashmere from Jojoland. Well, now we’re adding another. 100% cashmere, lovely natural colors, incredibly soft. And what’s really special about this yarn is that it’s local. It comes from Cashmere Haven, which is about 40 miles north of Circle Pines – can’t get much more local than that! Very nice.

Sockina Cotton With self-striping colorways and great yardage, this extra soft sock yarn is a blend of 55% cotton and 25% nylon, 20% Acrylic (which helps it hold its shape), and at 339 yards per 100 gram skein, it works up on US 1-3 needles, yielding 6.75-8 stitches per inch.

Down to Earth Organic Cotton
A beautifully crafted of 100% organic cotton, this is a terrific choice for all your DK/sport-weight projects. Machine washable, this is a natural option for yourself, for babies & children and for anyone with sensitive skin. Made in Italy of 100% environmentally friendly dyed organic cotton.

Cotton Twirl
A very soft, rippled texture cotton and elastic nylon blend. The touch of elastic in Cotton Twirl means the yarn “remembers”, and it won’t sag or stretch out of shape. Knits up at a gauge of about 4 – 4 ½ stitches per inch, which makes it perfect for a quick spring-summer project. And it’s machine washable – great for kids & babies.

Nashua Creative Focus Linen
is a lustrous blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton. It is a great summer weight yarn which comes in nice, big 100 gram hanks of 220 yards which knit up at about 5 stitches per inch. Soft & lovely.

Cotton Chenille
I’ve heard it called “knittable velvet”. With a wonderfully fuzzy, plush texture, and many free patterns for it on Crystal Palace’s website, you’re sure to find something you like. Great used alone in scarves, tops, even washcloths & bath towels, but also combines well with other Crystal Palace novelty yarns for special effects. 100% mercerized cotton.

New colors in several of our favorite yarns: Mini Mochi, Mochi Plus, Happy Feet, Boku


Instructor Profile: Michelle

Michelle is the Double Ewe’s resident crochet expert. A patient and kind teacher, she creates her own designs, can solve virtually any crochet problem, and is a talented knitter as well.

Michelle’s background: I was born in Minnesota, but spent a bit of time in Texas and Michigan, then came back to Minnesota finish high school. I have an Associate’s degree in Electronics and one in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Neither degree was really used except to get me in the door. Between high school and going for the first degree, I worked in the lab that made Minnesota drivers licenses, working my way up to Assistant Manager. I worked part time for Target while going for my first degree. I repaired hearing aids after the first degree and while going for the second degree. After the second degree I got a job at Guidant Corp (pacemakers and defibrillators) and mostly worked in and around the documentation department doing several different jobs for about 12 years. Currently unemployed, but looking (not too hard though).

I have a black belt in Taekwondo, but that skill hasn’t been used in a number of years. While taking Taekwondo classes I had the wonderful opportunity to visit South Korea, twice, with some terrific people from my Taekwondo school.

What she does when not holding a hook or needles: It seems like the only other things I do where I don’t have a hook or needles in my hands are cleaning, shopping, or sleeping. I knit or crochet while watching TV, on the computer, while in the car, or visiting my Dad. I try to knit or crochet almost all the time – so much yarn so little time.

How she learned to crochet: I have been crocheting since my early teens (35+ years). It was my first craft and I was self-taught. I learned by looking at the pictures in the books (yes, I could read but sometimes the pictures were easier to understand).

How she learned to knit: While growing up, knitting was something my mother always did, while I always crocheted. I tried to learn to knit once in a home ec class, but didn’t like it, and went back to my crochet. Through the years, my mother and I seemed to visit just about all of the fiber crafts: plastic canvas, needlepoint, cross stitch, etc. There was a point in the late 90’s where she and I both got the bug to go back to our original favorite crafts. I started back into crochet, she into knitting. Right about then my sister-in-law wanted my mother to teach her to knit, and while watching the two of them I got the bug and have been knitting ever since.

Favorite things to knit and crochet: With crochet I have done a lot of different things through the years, but I think one of my favorite things is doilies. It’s a little early to tell with knitting as I have only done it about 15 years (wow, has it been that long). I haven’t tried everything yet. But I think socks are right up there, as I seem to have made a lot of them. I also enjoy designing and doing two-color knitting.

Other hobbies: Cats, although the cats have been known to play with the string. Organizing everything. [smiles]

Three of her favorite yarns: Knit One Crochet Too’s Ty-Dy (yum). Crystal Palace Yarns Bamboozle, and Universal Yarns Classic Worsted.

Stash: When I started collecting yarn, I stored it in one of those plastic closet shoe hangers. My stash very quickly outgrew that method and I have graduated into cardboard file drawer boxes (good ol Office Max). I have continued to add to the file system and now have about 20 large boxes, five smaller ones and a couple of tubs. And being a compulsively organized person I know exactly how many skeins of yarn I have at any given time. At the moment I have 1424 skeins (I have a spreadsheet, see organizing in question #6).

Best book she’s read recently: A current favorite is the knitting mystery series by Maggie Sefton. The writer did a very good job of getting you involved with the characters as well as with the mysteries. It also doesn’t hurt that there is knitting involved in the story. Another recent favorite was a mystery series by Kate Kingston, The Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries (sorry most are out of print). This author also did a wonderful job getting you involved with the characters. She ended the series after 12 books and wrapped up all the threads that were running through the whole series (nothing to wonder about). To top it off she has done an annual revisit to the characters so I can keep up with all their goings-ons.

Three favorite things to eat: Pretzels, licorice (black), ice cream (cookies and cream).

Michelle’s family and personal entourage: I have a husband – Todd, we met in 1988 and married in 2001. We are owned by two cats – Elsie (13 years old) and Andy (6 years old). I have two sisters that are currently living in Michigan and one brother currently living in Minnesota. My Dad is also in Minnesota. My Mom passed away in 2000. Personal entourage? – huh don’t I wish!!

Current projects: One knit afghan, one crochet afghan (for a class), dishcloths in both knit and crochet, crochet mini doilies for my craft sale, a crochet hat (for a class). Charity knitting – Snuggles, charity crochet – Mother Bears. I have different projects for different times, settings and locations, so I have several ongoing projects at any given time.

What she likes best about teaching at the Double Ewe Yarn Shop: I like being able to share what I know with someone and I enjoy seeing the light bulb going off in their heads when they get it. Everyone at the Double Ewe is so nice and encouraging; it makes for a really pleasant atmosphere for creativity and for being comfortable enough to do something outside of your usual comfort zone, like teaching.


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your support.
Knit on!


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