News from Double Ewe - July 2010

In This Issue

  • The “I Gotta Make Some Room For New Stuff” Sale
  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  • Charity Knitting: Adopt a Navy Ship Update
  • New Stuff
  • Davian!

The “I Gotta Make Some Room For New Stuff” Sale

This is the time of year that I start looking around the shop, wondering where the heck I’m going to squeeze in the new fall yarns I’ve been ordering, so it’s time to have a sale. We have yarns with discounts from 20 – 30% in a lot of categories: cottons, wools, alpaca, bamboo and blends. From lace to super bulky. Seven sock yarns are marked down as well! This is a great opportunity to enhance your stash! Sale starts Tuesday, July 6th, and runs all week.


What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Gooseberry Falls - one of my favorite places

It's hard to believe, but just two weeks ago we were wrapping up our little break. Francis & I had a great week off, despite some crummy weather. We went up to the North Shore where we rented a little cabin in Knife River for a few days, then we scooted over to the Hayward Wisconsin area for the rest of the week. We visited three yarn shops on our travels: Playing With Yarn in Knife River (walking distance from our cabin!), Yarn Harbor in Duluth, and finally Pine Needle Yarn Shop in Cable Wisconsin. All three were lovely shops, each with their own unique personality. If you’re ever in those areas, please stop by! When we travel, I love visiting yarn shops. I always come away with new ideas, a fresh perspective, and of course some yarn. I also enjoy connecting with other shop owners - it’s fun to talk to someone who’s in the same crazy boat I’m in.   Maybe it's not such a crazy boat afterall.


Charity Knitting: Adopt a Navy Ship 2010

“A little something to send to US Navy crew members for the holidays 2010”

The background: In April, we started collecting socks for a project called “Adopt a Navy Shop 2010” which was started by a gal on Ravelry. They are mini holiday stockings that will be sent to each crewmember of a US Navy shop to show our appreciation for their service. .

The Results: Wow! So far, we’ve sent in 84, yes, 84 stockings! This is what 84 stocking looks like. Again, wow!  Thanks to everyone who’s participated in this effort!

If you’d like to jump in, we’re still collecting stockings through the summer, and they’re starting to add up again.

Pattern: Not So Mini Holiday Stockings (If you prefer to crochet, stop in the shop and I can give you an alternative pattern.)
Ravelry Group: Adopt a Navy Ship 2010 (If you’re not a member of Ravelry, it’s free to sign up.)


New Stuff – Yarn & Goodies

Cotton Supreme
This is an exceptionally soft 100% cotton yarn. Machine washable & dryable in lovely colors that coordinate well with its cousin, the self-striping Cotton Supreme Batik. You'll love working with this yarn!

Darn Pretty™ Needles
These needles really are darn pretty. Handcrafted in Vermont by DyakCraft using Vermont wood products that are laminated, they’re some of the prettiest needles I’ve seen, but they’re also some of the strongest & smoothest wood needles on the market. Come see & hold them…these needles are a joy to use.

Casein Swallow NeedlesWhen I first knit with these needles, I was struck by how smoothly the yarn moved on them and how nice they feel in my hands. Made in Australia, they are made from Casein, a type of plastic that was first manufactured in 1899. Casein plastics are a biopolymer plastic, made from a natural organic protein polymer (skimmed milk) that is not toxic to produce, while modern-day polymers are petroleum based. Hmmmm…science. What’s important to know about these needles is that they have perfect, hand-tapered tips and are polished to a glass-smooth finish. They are warm to the touch and comfortable to hold, making them ideal for arthritic hands. I have them in 9” straight needles and 7” double pointed needles, and they are very economically priced.

Hiya Hiya Large Interchangeable Sets
My shipment of Hiya Hiya Large Interchangeable needles has finally arrived! Woo hoo! Stainless steel tips, from sizes 9 – 15, with cables to make circular needles in 16”, 24”, 32” and 40” lengths, they’re a great deal at $67.50. While most of this shipment was spoken for with pre-orders, I do have a couple of sets left with more expected towards the end of this month. I can’t wait to get a set of my own! And don’t forget the Hiya Hiya Small Interchangeable sets with needles from sizes 2 – 8.

Speaking of interchangeable needles…Addi Clicks are back in stock!


Finally, I wanted to share a photo of Davian, my grandaughter.  I figure it's fair game to include her in this newsletter...after all, she's wearing a handknit sweater.  ;)

Once again, I’d like to thank you all for supporting your local yarn shop.
Knit on!