News from Double Ewe - August 2010

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  • A Few Random Notes
  • Adopt a Navy Ship Update
  • Friday Night Get Together
  • New Stuff
  • Feed Your Creativity
  • Classes

A Few Random Notes

It’s still summer, and people are still doing summery things, but behind the scenes at the shop, things have been bustling. My new fall yarns are starting to arrive, and I’ve been furiously knitting samples to share with you. Yes, I knit for work. It’s the burden I bear. Ok, you’re not going to feel sorry for me…

I do want to highlight an addition to our line-up of instructors, and I’m so excited about it! Nancy Lindberg is going to be teaching a workshop during the lunch hour on Thursday afternoons. After owning a yarn store in Minneapolis for over a decade, Nancy continued to teach knitting classes and design new patterns. Nancy has been teaching for 35 years, and her popular patterns have been sold throughout the country for 15 years. Even if you’re not familiar with her patterns, chances are you’ve seen some of them…I’ve knit 19 of them personally, and quite a few of them are on display at the shop. They’re very well written, classic and timeless. Welcome, Nancy!

Next, I’ve set up a Facebook page for Double Ewe, and as of right now, a grand total of twelve people like it. Yay!  I know everyone in the world isn’t on Facebook, but a lot of people are…and I think it’ll be an easy way to post quick updates. We also have a Double Ewe group on Ravelry that you can join. So if you’re into the whole online-thing, we’re there.

Finally, my other project has been putting together the fall schedule, and it’s finally coming together. I think we’ve got some fun things planned! Read on for the details.


Once-A-Month Friday Night Get Together, But I’m Not Sure What To Call It

So, I got this idea a while ago, and it’s been rolling around in my head:
Once a month, I’d like to host a sort of “hang out, knit, talk, crochet, eat, laugh” night at Double Ewe. I’d like us shake it up a bit and bust out of the confines of back room and sit throughout the shop, sort of like we did on Knit in Public Day (when it rained). And to make it easier on myself, a friend of mine suggested making it a potluck. Doesn’t this sound fun? I’m excited! So, here’s the Scoop:

Dates: Every 3rd Friday, so we’ll start with August 20th

Time: 6:30 – 10:00

What to bring: Your project, unless you want to start something new…I know a lady with some yarn for sale… ;)

Potluck: You can bring a snack to share if you’d like, but don’t feel obligated. If you’re going to bring something, keep in mind we may not be sitting at a table and we will be handling fibers, so non-messy finger foods would be best. (So, even though they’re yummy, barbequed chicken wings might not be the best idea.) As always, coffee, tea and water will be available.

Chairs: I really have no idea how many people to expect, but if you have an easy-to-transport lawn chair, you may want to bring it. Me? I’m planning on bringing my sling-type chair that has cup-holders in the arms. Comfy & convenient.

Name: What the heck should I call this get together? If you have any ideas, let me know…otherwise we might get stuck with something super-lame like “Fun Fridays” or “Friday Night Knitting Club”…oh…wait…I think that one’s taken.


Adopt A Navy Ship Project

If you’re participating in this charitable knitting project (the mini Christmas stockings), the deadline to get them to Double Ewe is October 5th.


I’m so excited about this! Double Ewe is participating in Feed Your Creativity from Kollage Yarns. Feed Your Creativity is a series of classes featuring yarns and patterns from Kollage. Through a series of ten small projects spread over the next year, you’ll enhance your knitting skills, as well as have fun! You can take one or all of the classes. Each month, we’ll work on a different project…hats, cowls, scarves, shawls, mittens, socks, a tote…there’s something for everybody. Each project uses a yarn from Kollage, and they’re such fun, unique yarns: milk, soy, corn, merino, silk… the list of ingredients is long (and yummy). Classes will be held on Saturday afternoons from 1:30 – 4:30; we’ll knit, learn, have fun, and enjoy some nibbles. (Of course, we’ll have snacks….after all, it’s FEED Your Creativity!)

The price range for the afternoon is from $31 to $66, depending on the project (includes, class, yarn & pattern); if you’re not able to come to the class, kits will be available at a reduced price while they last. A couple of the projects will span several weeks, but I’ll let you know that when they come up. Visit Kollage Yarn’s website for a preview of the upcoming projects. The projects for the next two months are:

August: Glisten Cable Ribbed HatDate: August 28th, 1:30 – 4:30
Price: $33
Yarn: Glisten, a merino/silk blend

September: Scrumptious Cassandra Cowl
Date: September 25th, 1:30 – 4:30
Price: $31
Yarn: Scrumptious, an angora/silk blend


New Stuff – Yarn & Goodies

Florafil from Textured Yarn Company

I saw just one skein of this yarn and I knew I had to get it! Big, squishy skeins of super soft cotton in colors inspired by American Wildflowers. It knits up at a chunky weight, which makes it great for many quick-to-knit projects. They offer a lot of free patterns which I have available at the shop, but you can take a peek at them here: Florafil Projects. Made in USA.

Pictured above:  Triangular Shawl in Red Hibiscus (free pattern from Textured Yarn Company, available at the shop)


Eco Duo from Cascade

It’s hard not to love this very luxurious, super soft blend of baby alpaca and merino wool. You just have to touch it! It comes in gorgeous natural, un-dyed marled colors that gradually shift, sometimes in a very subtle way, sometimes more distinctly. I love a nice “sheep-colored” yarn. Cascade has provided six free patterns, and if you want to see the Slouch Hat in person, my mom knit one up for the shop. It’s so cute!

Pictured above:  198 Yds. of Heaven (Free pattern, Ravelry Link)

Pictured above:  Soft Cables Mobius by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Ravelry link, pattern available at Double Ewe)

Pictured above:  Eco Duo Slouch Hat (free pattern from Cascade Yarns)

Ok, ok, can you tell I really loved this yarn?


Covington from Cascade

Another chunky weight yarn that gets 3 to 3.5 stitches per inch, and this one is a blend of 53% Wool / 47% Acrylic. If you’re familiar with Marble Chunky with it’s subtle, tweedy striping, Covington is similar in gauge & style, but it’s a nice alternative for the wool-lovers among us (me!), AND it's machine washable, too!. Free Covington Patterns   No photo of a project from me yet...but I'm working on it.


Lana Bambu from Cascade

A decadent, silky blend of wool and bamboo in lovely, refined colorways. It’s striking. I knit up a shrug in Lana Bambu, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It knits up at about 4 ½ stitches per inch, making it appropriate for a TON of projects, and Cascade has provided several free Lana Bambu Patterns. But don’t be limited by these patterns...there are so many options.


Magnum from Cascade

If you need a quick-to-knit gift, this is the yarn for you. Magnum is a super-bulky yarn that knits up at 1 ½ to 2 stitches per inch. 100% soft wool, your project will fly off the needles. Great for chunky hats, cowls, scarves, mittens, sweaters. I knit up a thick and squishy lace scarf in just one evening (free pattern at the shop). Cascade also offers some Magnum Patterns.

Pictured above:  Thick & Squishy Lace Scarf (free pattern at Double Ewe)


One more note: I’m all stocked up with the Large Interchangeable Needles from Hiya Hiya, so if you’ve been thinking about them, come on in!


September – October Classes & Activities

Click here for our current class listing - there's lots going on!



If you're new to my newsletter, I should explain:  Davian is my grandaughter, and my customers are like family, so of course I like to share pictures of her. Besides, she's a future knitter extraordinaire...maybe.  A grandma can hope....



Once again, I’d like to thank you all for supporting your local yarn shop.
Knit on!