News from Double Ewe - November 2010

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  • Knittervention! Friday, November 18th 
  • Holiday Hours
  • Holiday Stockings
  • New stuff
  • Designer Profile: Pinecone Designs
  • What Has Kelly Bound Off?


Knittervention! This Friday, November 19th

Potluck – November 19th , 6:30 – 10:00
This is our once-a-month “hang out, knit, talk, crochet, eat, laugh” night at Double Ewe. Come join us – really, it’s gobs of fun!
Dates: Every 3rd Friday, this month on NOVEMBER 19TH
Time: 6:30 – 10:00
What to bring: Your project, unless you want to start something new…I know a lady who can set you up with some yarn. ;)
Potluck: You can bring a snack to share if you’d like, but don’t stay away if you can’t. There’s usually a lot of food; potlucks are so much fun! As always, coffee, tea and water are available.
Chairs: I never know how many people to expect, but if you have an easy-to-transport chair, you may want to bring it. We do have our usual chairs available, so if you can’t bring a chair, don’t worry. But if nobody brings a chair, we’ll probably run out. Make sense?


Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving Week

Tuesday: 10 am – 9 pm

Wednesday: 10 am – 4 pm

Thursday (Thanksgiving day): Closed

Friday: 10 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 9am – 5pm


New Stuff

Solace and Glisten from Kollage Yarns
We fell in love with these yarns through the Feed Your Creativity program Double Ewe has been participating in. Solace and Glisten are “sister” yarns: both are a luxurious blend of alpaca and silk, however Glisten also includes a bit of sparkle. Ravelry link to projects made with Glisten and Solace.



Rios from Malabrigo
Malabrigo’s newest yarn: it's lovely, worsted weight, and superwash (Yay!) with the softness & color Malabrigo is known for. Extremely yummy. Ravelry link to projects made with Rios.


Gift Tags, Notepads and Greeting Cards
With a knitting theme, just in time for the holidays

Project Bags from Anncrafts
We have an assortment of colorful, reversible drawstring project bags Anncrafts.

Worth mentioning:

Team Spirit Hat Kits from Angel’s Kiss
Cute sports team hats knit in a blend of alpaca/merino wool. We now have these kits for Vikings, Packers and Gophers fans. Available in a chunky striped version or a worsted version with lettering.

We’re restocked on Malabrigo Rasta and Sock. Rasta is great for quick projects (hint hint…Christmas is coming quick!). Malabrigo Sock is great for So Much More than socks, as you’ll see in the following link. Ravelry Links to Rasta and Sock.


Malabrigo Sock

We’re also restocked on two great gift ideas any fiber enthusiast would love:
Fiber Art Almanac 2011 by Jenny Wilder and Work In Progress Journal by Franklin Habit

Coming soon…

In just a few days, I’ll have the full line of One Skein Wonders books, including the newest version: Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders, which is chock full of projects that use all those beautiful sock yarns, besides socks.

I’m told these products will be arriving before Christmas; I’ll keep you posted in our December newsletter:
Namaste Classic & Urban Hip Holsters – now available in animal-friendly, delicious & buttery faux leather materials in a variety of colors.
Addi Click Lace Sets - 8 different sizes of Addi Lace tips to make five different lengths of circular needles (16", 20", 24”, 32” and 40”). The original Addi Clicks are available at the shop right now.


Designer Profile: Pinecone Designs

Last month, Wendy of Pinecone Designs stopped in for a visit. She brought with her a big trunk chock full of colorful hats, scarves and fingerless mitts. It was wonderful! I decided I needed (and I mean NEEDED) to knit them all…well, maybe not ALL of them, but a bunch of them. Since her visit, I’ve managed to knit up four of her hats and one neck warmer. What fun! I’ve shared pictures and details of the individual projects below, but I thought it would be fun to get to know Wendy a little bit better, and she graciously obliged.

Double Ewe: Can you tell me a little bit about your background? Wendy: I live in Kalispell, Montana, which is in the northwestern corner of the state, not far from Glacier Park. It's a wonderful area to play - golfing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, skiing. I grew up in Superior, Wisconsin, but have lived here all of my adult life. I was a teacher for 30 years before I got into the pattern business. I have 2 grown sons, a husband and a dog, Pete. We are all real outdoorsy people, so this is a good place for us.

Double Ewe: How did you learn to knit, and how long have you been knitting?
Wendy: My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 7 or 8, and I knit my first sweater when I was about 11. I was given permission to go down to the local department store and charge yarn when I wanted it. The ladies down there thought I was a genius.

Double Ewe: What inspired you to get into designing and writing patterns?
Wendy: Like a lot of knitters, I suppose I got into the designing end by changing patterns to make them what I wanted. Or I would see something I liked in store, and think "I can make that."

Double Ewe: What are your favorite things to knit?Wendy: Living in a place like Wisconsin and Montana, I design things that are practical, and somewhat traditional. I am not into the trendy stuff. Knitting is too involved to do something that will be "out" next year. I always wonder "Does anyone really knit those sweaters in Vogue Knitting?" I like doing colorwork the most.... I like watching the color and pattern evolve. Knitting more than I could possible use, I do sell some knitted items at an art show and in shops. It is really easy for me to get wrapped up in a project and I have to remind myself to get out there and walk or something, so I don't get too wide. I love wool, and now it is impossible to find a wool sweater or mittens or hat. So we have to knit

Double Ewe: Tell me about your stash.
Wendy: My yarn stash is...substantial. My husband thinks it grows at night. I am always thinking ahead and can't imagine not having lots of projects in the works.

Double Ewe: What’s the name of and where is your “home” yarn shop?
Wendy: We are fortunate to have great yarn store in town, Camas Creek Yarn. Check it out on line.


What Has Kelly Bound Off?

I love to knit, and I knit a lot. I mean A Lot. In this section of the newsletter, I share with you some of my recently finished projects.   You'll see, I've been on a bit of a colorwork kick lately.

Pinecone Designs Hats and Scarf

I had a lot of fun knitting these patterns from Pinecone Designs. This is just a sampling of her designes - she's got a boatload of them, and you can see them at the shop.  I really love knitting hats: it’s fun to play with color and stitch patterns with no big commitment and nearly-instant gratification. I’ve listed the yarns I used for each project, but there are many different yarns to choose from.

Pattern: Juniper Lacy Cap
Yarn: Cash Soft DK by Cascade Yarn (merino, microfiber, cashmere blend)
Needles size: US 3
Size knitted: One size, looser slouchy version
Skeins needed: Two
Comments:  Please excuse the not-so-good photo.  Check it out in the shop, though.  Really, it's a lovely  hat!

Juniper Lacey Hat

Pattern: Northern Lights Hat
Yarn: Mochi Plus and Aran by Crystal Palace Yarns (wool/nylon blend and wool)
Needles size: US 6 and US 5
Size knitted: One size
Skeins needed: One skein each
Comments: The self-striping Mochi Plus makes it look like you used a lot more than two yarns. You can choose to use the Mochi Plus as the foreground or the background color, giving it a slightly different look.

Northern Lights Hat

Pattern: Elmer Fudd Hat
Yarn: Lanaloft Bulky from Brown Sheep and Harmony from Ironstone (both wool)
Needles size: US 10
Size knitted: Child
Skeins needed: One skein each
Comments: OK, I confess, I didn’t knit this one, but my mom did, and she knit it last winter. But I wanted to include it here because it’s one of Wendy’s cutest designs. She lined it with fleece for tender young ears.

Elmer Fudd Hat

Pattern: Three Corner Hat
Yarn: Cascade 220 Wool and Aran by Crystal Palace Yarns (both wool)
Needles size: US 7
Size knitted: Small Child
Skeins needed: About 100 yards of black, and about 50 yards each of three other colors
Comments: This one was a blast!

Three Corners Hat

Pattern: Big Sky Hat
Yarn: Aran by Crystal Palace Yarns (wool)
Needles size: US 7
Size knitted: Adult
Skeins needed: One skein each of three colors

Big Sky Hat

Pattern: Twisted Knot Scarf
Yarn: Cloud 9 by Cascade (Angora/Wool Blend)
Needles size: US 7
Size knitted: Adult
Skeins needed: Two skeins each color
Comments: This was an interesting project – two different stitch patterns in two different colors combined to make a cowl. It would also be lovely in one color. I LOVE knitting with Cloud 9 – I’m not sure how to describe the yarn…it’s sort of “powdery soft”.

Twisted Knot Scarf

Christmas Stockings

I knit these three Christmas stockings for my son’s family: one for Mom & Dad (I still need to put their names on them), and one for my granddaughter, Davian. Of course Davian’s stocking is bigger! Believe it or not, these stockings go fairly quickly, and there’s still time to make one (or two!) before the holiday. (That is, if you don’t have 20 other gifts to knit before then!)

Pattern: Christmas Socks by Nancy Lindberg
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worstedby Brown Sheep (wool/mohair blend)
Needles size: US 8
Size knitted: One Size
Skeins needed: Three skeins of Lamb’s Pride(one each of three colors), and one skein of Plymouth Angora

Pattern: A Fair Isle Christmas by Lisa Knits
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep (wool/mohair blend)
Needles size: US 5 and US 8
Size knitted: One Size
Skeins needed: Three skeins of Lamb’s Pride(one each of three colors)

Christmas Stockings


Just For Fun (More Reminders)

Knitting with Ewe – free, no-strings-attached open knitting
Join us for a fun social time while working on whatever you want. No registration required – just show up. We now have three times each week you can join us. Please note: this is not a class, although I’m happy to answer questions as time permits, but sometimes it’s a bit hectic. For more dedicated help, consider coming to one of our Knitter’s Choice or Knit Along with Ann classes.
Tuesday evenings: 6:30 – 9:00
Friday afternoons: 1:30 – 4:30
Saturday mornings: 9:00 – 12:00


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for supporting your local yarn shop.
Knit on!


Buh bye!