News from Double Ewe - December 2010

Here we are, deep into the holiday season, and like many of you, I’m feeling a bit frazzled. So. I’m going to keep this newsletter short and sweet. Personally, all the holiday ads and frenzied “buy buy buy!” make me weary, so I won’t even go there. However, please remember, a gift certificate from Double Ewe makes a wonderful present.

We’ve got a few new yarns in the shop I want to mention, and some new classes coming up. Nancy Lindberg’s class has become very popular, so we’ve added another day: you now have the option of Tuesdays or Thursdays. I’m also going to tell you about our holiday hours and my annual Christmas break. (This is the second year I’m doing it, so can I call it “annual”?)

I wish you all the best this Christmas!


In This Issue

  • Knittervention! Friday, December 17th! 
  • Holiday Hours
  • New stuff
  • What Has Kelly Bound Off?
  • Winter 2011 Class Schedule


Knittervention! This Friday, December 17th

Potluck – December 17th , 6:30 – 10:00
This is our once-a-month “hang out, knit, talk, crochet, eat, laugh” night at Double Ewe. Come join us – really, it’s gobs of fun!
Dates: Every 3rd Friday, this month on December 17
Time: 6:30 – 10:00
What to bring: Your project, unless you want to start something new…I know a lady who can set you up with some yarn. ;)
Potluck: You can bring a snack to share if you’d like, but don’t stay away if you can’t. There’s usually a lot of food; potlucks are so much fun! As always, coffee, tea and water are available.
Chairs: I never know how many people to expect, but if you have an easy-to-transport chair, you may want to bring it. We do have our usual chairs available, so if you can’t bring a chair, don’t worry. But if nobody brings a chair, we’ll probably run out. Make sense?

Holiday Hours

First, a little explanation: Running a yarn shop is a lot of fun. And very rewarding. And a lot of work. Last year, I was feeling a bit frazzled, and I took a little break between Christmas and New Years, and it did a world of good, so we’ve decided to do it again this year. I’m so looking forward to it. We plan to rest, refresh ourselves, and spend some time with our families. I hope you understand, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a Double Ewe gift certificate for Christmas – sorry, but you’re going to have to wait a little bit to spend it. So here’s the scoop:

Friday, December 24th, Christmas Eve: 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.
Then we’re going to be closed through New Year’s Eve.
Reopening Saturday, January 1.: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Yes, I’m that boring…no need for me to sleep in on New Year’s Day :) The back room will be open all day for knitting and crocheting fun. Join us!


New Stuff

Addi Lace Clicks
They’re finally here, and they’re so nice! Slick nickel plated, long tapered pointy tips, with 4 cable lengths to make 16” – 40” needles. The set includes tips from size US 4 – US 11. I just love these.

Coffee Beenz from Plymouth Yarns
This is a new one in the popular Encore family of yarns. A tweedy blend of acrylic and wool, this easy care yarn is a “grown up” version of Jelli Beenz. The colors are…well…grown up. I’m working on a hoodie in it right now, and hopefully I can share it with you next month.

Infatuation from Southwest Trading Company
A blend of bamboo, wool & nylon, you just have to touch this yarn. Two balls makes a pair of gorgeous socks.

Jezebel from Southwest Trading Company
100% merino wool make this a very soft, lovely lace yarn.


What Has Kelly Bound Off?

This month? Diddly Squat. I’m working on a few bigger projects right now, but I hope to have something to share with you in January. Until then, I’ll be knit knit knitting.


Winter 2011 Class Schedule

For details on the upcoming classes, please visit our website:
This class schedule is a “work in progress”, and additional classes will be added. Right now, we’ve got the following scheduled:

  • Knitter’s Choice & The Workshop with Kelly
  • Nancy Lindberg: Tuesdays with Nancy and Lunch Time with Nancy
  • Knit Along with Ann
  • The Bog Jacket, and Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater, taught by Kerri
  • Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Mocassin Socks Knit Along
  • Fixing Mistakes with Kelly
  • Norweigan Rose Hat, traditional Norweigan stranded colorwork with Kerri
  • Glittens (fingerless flip to mitts) with Kerri
  • Finishing Techniques with Kelly


Just For Fun (More Reminders)

Knitting with Ewe – free, no-strings-attached open knitting
Join us for a fun social time while working on whatever you want. No registration required – just show up. We now have three times each week you can join us. Please note: this is not a class, although I’m happy to answer questions as time permits, but sometimes it’s a bit hectic. For more dedicated help, consider coming to one of our Knitter’s Choice or Knit Along with Ann classes.
Tuesday evenings: 6:30 – 9:00
Friday afternoons: 1:30 – 4:30
Saturday mornings: 9:00 – 12:00


Once again, I’d like to thank you all for supporting your local yarn shop.
Knit on!


Please excuse the low quality of this photo...but it's one I snapped during a recent Skype conversation with Davian, and it it just seemed to capture her so well.  Crappy webcam photography, awesome grandbaby. 

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